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Specializing in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Fairview, Downtown & North Dallas !!! - Glenda Smith Movers makes your move a professional, organized event handled by competent, experienced personnel. This is the way we do business. We have 33 years of experience & a track record of happy customers. As a licensed real estate broker / owner, Glenda understands the need for a prompt / timely move. Small or big moves, we handle them all.

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Our Mission Statement is ”Integrity, Sincerity and Commitment to you, having a safe and complete move, without stress and worry.” 



"My wife and I have used Glenda’s moving service several times over the past ten years and will never use anyone else. She treats our things as if they were her very own.Her crew take special care and makes sure that nothing gets damaged. I guarantee that by the end of your move, you and Glenda will be good friends."

John Castillo

“We are military people & have moved 13 to 16 times & each time the movers were god awful, broke our things, threw stuff around & we never had a good move ever. My husband & I decided to take the YP & go to separate rooms, pick a mover & see what we chose. We both came back having chosen Glenda Smith Movers. I will tell it to the world this is the ONLY good move we have ever had in our entire lives. Their attitudes are great & they care so much how they treat you as customers & also how they treat your furniture & items. We were totally pleased as they did all the packing & everything for us.”

The McMinns

"I had been a Realtor for more than 10 years and this is the best moving company ever deal with. Quality always has a price attached , but Glenda Movers is quality service at a very reasonable price considering the honesty ,integrity and resting assured that moving company is insured !Thanks once again Glenda !"


"I wanted to take time out and tell everyone what a great job Glenda's moving did for our family today . They were very professional and treated our stuff like it was their own . I’ve had terrible experiences with movers in the past and this time I was amazed with the kindness and professionalism we got. Don’t take chances with anyone else."


“It’s been a long time since I heard of a good mover & I was recommended to Glenda. They were good for their word & kept their promise. Call them if you need a good mover.”

Ben Roberts

"This is the first time my roommate and I used movers. Wow, what a wonderful experience! Byron and Pablo were the perfect mix of brains, brawn, teamwork, and politeness. The lifted every item without complaint and would pause to devise the best way to move multiple boxes or a large piece of furniture. They brought plenty of moving blankets, packing tape, and saran wrap. They worked very hard. Everything was treated with the utmost care."

Amanda K.

“I had a small job for Glenda to do & that was move clothing downtown for a trunk show. We had to do this move at the crack of dawn & then after the show was over take it back to my showroom. The guys were friendly, worked hard & kept everything clean & nice. I recommend them to anyone.” 

Carlisle Clothing

"There are so many illegal movers out there. No one really knows that. I don’t want my stuff stolen or damaged. I checked your TXDOT and it gives me peace of mind to know there are legitimate businesses like yours in town."

Cesar Kintana

“I loved the guys & Glenda & we had so much fun even though they worked so hard. I gave them the key to my house, they showed up on time & didn’t have to be stood over. You can trust these folks & they will do you a real good job.” 

Alex Dewall

"I had scheduled another moving company and they never showed up or called. I found your company and I’m glad the other company did not show up. I’ve moved many times but never saw anyone pad and tape my items like your guys did. Very protective and I am thankful you took care of my things and thankful you were my mover."

Linda S.

“This is my second time to use Glenda Smith Movers & both times they were right on target. When you leave them alone to go get food or run errands you don’t have to worry they just keep right on working.”

Jim Turnage

"Friendliest, hardest working, most careful, caring men I have ever met. A really fun move."

Jim Orr

Moving Tips

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Arrange to have mail forwarded.


Start making up your change of address list.


Start running down freezer stocks.


Have rugs cleaned.


Clear out unwanted goods – hold a garage sale.


Empty fuel from mowers, clippers, trimmers and so on.


Get rid of flammables – paint, petrol, gas cylinders.


Keep passports separate so they are not packed.


Separate books – disposable, family reading, valuable.


Check all electrical goods – will they work in the new home?


Clothes – do you need them all? Charity shops may want them.


If you have children, separate cherished toys to travel with you.


Let friends and relatives know that your moving, and give them the new address.


Will your new home be ready? If not, you need to arrange temporary storage.


Arrange termination date for electricity, gas, oil, telephone and other main suppliers.


With regards to family pets– make sure vaccinations and documentation are up to date.


Shops, schools, theaters, life styles – it’s never too early to find out about your new home.


Round up personal documentation – marriage/birth certificates, driving licenses and so on.


If you are taking electrical goods such as a stereo, see if you still have their original boxes.


Arrange your finances – close or transfer bank accounts, savings accounts and so on, if necessary.

Please feel free to contact us for estimates or any questions you may have. We give estimates on big homes, in order to be as accurate as possible.
Your move is unique, the estimate will be too.  We’re ready to provide you with an awesome moving experience !

Tips Accepted and Graciously Appreciated.

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Glenda Smith
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
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By law, Motor carriers operating intrastate commercial motor vehicles in Texas must register their operations with the TxDMV’s Motor Carrier Division

Make sure any other mover you might consider provides you with a US DOT#
 This is the most important step if you want a pleasant moving experience.

US DOT #:3189968

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